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Just how many types of treatments are available for vitiligo?


Treatments and remedies are concentrated on two main issues: Dealing with the fundamental cause associated with vitiligo, as well as stimulating and revitalizing the melanocytes to repopulate the vitiligo lesions. One treatment class attempts to prevent the immune cells that are attacking and harming the melanocyte and are also causing progression of lesions.

This procedure may additionally provide time for new melanocytes to multiply and replenish missing ones. With this class, corticosteroids as well as ultraviolet light are employed separately or together. another treatment class, medicines are employed to prevent the production or imbalance of internal chemicals (biochemicals) that can cause melanocyte death.

Corticoids tend to be the primary drug with this group. Some treatments tend to be employed to prevent the release of chemical signals (neurotransmitters) that could cause melanocyte death. In cases like this, corticosteroids will also be considered the most important treatment. On top of that, there are actually treatments that stimulate melanocyte multiplication.

In this particular group, ultraviolet light and microsurgery treatments are employed. Lastly, right now there are treatments with the aim of minimising the color differences between the lesions and normal skin. With this last procedure, chemical substances as well as lasers are employed to destroy melanocytes and also produce an even colored skin coloration all through the body. Sometimes the temporary or definitive application of camouflage or makeup is needed.

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Who's In Danger Of Developing Vitiligo?

Anybody can develop vitiligo and both genders have an equal chance of getting vitiligo. All races exhibit similar prevalence of this particular condition. However, you may be much more likely of developing vitiligo if your parent has it, in the event that you or someone within your family has an autoimmune condition (for instance hyperthyroidism), and if it turns out that you unfortunately experience graying of hair before the age of 35.

What Exactly Causes Vitiligo?

The signs and symptoms of vitiligo arise mainly because the melanocytes (the cells that produce pigment that gives the skin its color) may be destroyed or stop functioning. What exactly causes this to develop is actually still debatable - it could be as a result of an autoimmune reaction, genetics, or it could be an event like sunburn or emotional stress.

What Are the Symptoms of Vitiligo?

People with vitiligo exhibit irregular white patches on different parts of the body, and these patches grow bigger with time. Usually, the first white patches appear on the face, lips, hands, arms and feet. Later, they spread to other areas including the armpits, eyes, genitals and nostrils. Loss of pigment can also result in the eyes and hair.

Is It True That Vitiligo Can Be Cured Without Any Medications Or Surgery?

Yes, there has been numerous research papers published that reported that in scientific trials, patients have been cured of vitiligo using a combination of 3 vitamins, herbal extracts or a combination of herbals and vitamins. It has also been shown that dietary changes can certainly have a pronounced effect of this condition. A considerable amount of research on natural cures for vitiligo has been completed in Sweden.

1. Camouflage with makeup: use foundation to conceal the unwanted skin tone, like Dermableand Cover Crème with SPF 30. There are plenty of various color tones of foundations that you can choose. Should you have small white patches, search for the foundation with color which matches your normal skin coloration. If you're unable to get the exact match, you may need to get two different colors and combine them to acquire the color that actually works right for you. However, if vitiligo has affected a lot of the skin, you may need to purchase the foundation which is as light as possible in order to match the white patches.

2. Camouflage with tanning lotions: tanning lotions can also work wonders on vitiligo. You'll be able to achieve deeper level of color tone if you choose by reapplying on the affected areas. The colour would stay for several days, sometimes weeks based upon the actual type of tanning lotions you use. Try to find the tanning lotions with SPF 15 or even higher in order to protect your skin from UV lights. To prevent the tanning lotions getting to the skin with normal skin tone, use tape to conceal the skin which you don't intend to tan before you apply the tanning lotions.

3. Camouflage using a combination of makeup and tanning lotions: combining makeup and tanning lotions is a good way to conceal the uneven skin tone cause by vitiligo. First you have to tan your skin hours before you apply your foundation since it takes time for the color to gradually deepen on your skin. When the tanned color closely matches your normal complexion, use foundation to conceal any flaws.

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  • Soak the seeds of Psoralea Corylifolia in ginger juice for roughly 3 days. Next, dry out the seeds in shade and grind to make a powder. Lastly, routinely drink a cupful of milk together with about one gram of this therapeutic powder mixed in it. Continue this home treatment for at least two months in order to cure vitiligo naturally.
  • Applying a paste made form psoralea, black cumin, barberry roots as well as coconut oil also happens to be probably the most well-known natural home remedies for Vitiligo. For the best results follow this natural remedy for a minimum of 6 months.
  • A mixture of one part of grinded duckweed as well as one part of honey is viewed as perhaps the most successful home-made Vitiligo treatments. Routinely take a single teaspoon of this particular combination 2 times each day to eliminate the white patches. The other helpful home remedy with wild duckweed would be to rub it over the affected area. This natural treatment solution is most effective when followed a minimum of 5 times each day.
  • Wild duckweed can also be employed in the form of a tincture as a natural cure for Vitiligo. To organize and prepare this tincture, to begin with soak four tablespoons of duckweed in approximately half a litre of vodka. Keep this mixture to one side for around one week. Lastly, filter the mixture and mix 2 tablespoons of water in approximately Thirty drops with this liquid. Drink the resultant solution twice each day just before having meals.
  • A decoction prepared from equal quantity of Indian Gooseberry and Catechu or even Black Cutch additionally serves as among the most effective natural Vitiligo home made herbal remedies. Take around 50 ml of this particular decoction with some honey 2 times each day routinely.
  • Ginger juice works extremely well either separately or even in combination together with red clay to aid healing Vitiligo white spots in a very natural manner. The juice needs to be consumed 2 times a day. Regarding red clay, make a paste like mixture by putting in ginger juice and red clay and then finally apply this mix over the damaged areas to eliminate the upsetting patches.
  • Sesame seeds as well as turmeric can make for exceptional natural home remedies for Vitiligo. Make a paste with the addition of some water within the grinded mix of turmeric and sesame seeds. Apply this paste over the discoloured patches frequently to eliminate this condition. A combination of lemon juice, almonds and cream can also be advantageous and beneficial in this regard.
  • Mashed papaya or juice obtained and extracted from papaya fruit might possibly be the simplest Vitiligo natural home remedies. On a regular basis apply papaya (either mashed or even in the form of juice) over the white spots as a good and effective natural cure with regard to this condition.
  • A mixture of calendula flowers, chamomile flowers, St John's wort and oregano is yet another highly helpful home cure for Vitiligo. Boil this particular mixture in a cup of water for around 15 minutes and just take half a cupful of this mixture 2 times a day for around 4 weeks in order to avoid the further development of this condition.

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